PSY's new single "GENTLEMAN" re-establishes meaning in mainstream pop music

From the music video for the new PSY single "GENTLEMAN"
From the music video for the new PSY single “GENTLEMAN”

One of the reasons I really enjoyed PSY’s popular summer 2012 single “Gangnam Style” was because of the satricial underlying message about rich people hidden within the creative video and the catchy beat that captured the minds of millions of American music enthusiasts and others, making Gangnam Style’s music video the most viewed video on YouTube.

PSY gave us a catchy, mega-mainstream, play-it-everywhere song that had the impact of “Like a G6” (by Far East Movement) in 2010, but had far more depth than “Like a G6”.

I really hated “Like a G6” (not to say that I hate Far East Movement altogether; I actually really liked their song “Rocketeer”).  It did give society an interesting beat that became replayed in so many demonstrations and events (even child-oriented events, and at schools), but had a shallow meaning in that it was simply about getting drunk/high and promoting that – a topic which is not very meaningful, nor is it supposed to be marketed to such younger audiences.

Like a G6” tarnished my perception of mainstream music in what I thought was an irreversible way; but, last summer, PSY’s Gangnam Style helped save it by showing me that meaning and value still has some precedence in today’s most popular music.

It is the 13th of April, 2013 – and it is time to enter a new single by Korean K-Pop artist PSY. The name is “Gentleman”, and a music video for it (which is sure to rake in views given the established fan-base that was created through Gangnam Style) has been released on YouTube. And, needless to say, I am extremely happy about it. It’s quite like Gangnam Style in that it’s quite a bit more than Like a G6, and is helping to re-establish meaning in mainstream pop music.

In addition to the establishing of new dance moves, catchy beat, and a hilarious and rather sexy (moreso than Gangnam Style, I will have to admit) video, there’s a story, a message and insight in this video. If you don’t understand Korean (a lot of the message is communicated through puns in the lyrics) then it may be less clear, but the video is full of visual cues. It might take more than one watch to find it, so I encourage you to look closely.

HINT: It has to do with KARMA

(If you really can’t figure it out, then you can read about GENTLEMAN’s story and message at [CLICK HERE])